Commentary on “Chivalry’s Reward”

I was invited by Shaina Richmond to provide an excerpt from a book to promote it on her blog:

Having little appetite for sorting through old stories when I could more profitably spend my time writing a new one, I wrote and sent “Chivalry’s Reward” to her. ( She was kind enough to publish it.

This story is a deviation from my usual fare in that it does not include any recognizable BDSM and is not about a masochistic woman. It is a single dialog between two women about their obligation to satisfy their husbands’ sexual fantasies. In particular, their husbands’ desire to have pornographic photographs of their wives.

These women are not exhibitionists and are appalled at the prospect of posing nude. Doing so would be a major sacrifice for them. Their impulse is to refuse their husbands’ explicit and implicit requests. Until they force each other to consider what sacrifices their husbands have made for them.

Posing for pornographic pictures would be degrading to them. This is the only aspect of the story that touches on my usual theme of erotic submission. But this is a clear and concise statement of a theme that runs through many of my stories – that wives owe a certain duty to satisfy their husband’s sexual needs. But this duty is not absolute. A wife is not required to accede to her husband’s every whim. She has a right to set limits. Negotiating those limits is a necessary part of every marriage. Most often it is done implicitly. My stories are often shocking because I often have husbands and wives setting those limits explicitly and typically broadly enough to include far more activities than occur in most marriages.

But always, the wife has the final word about what she is willing to do.

So it is in this story.


About Ashley Zacharias

I'm a post-modern woman who lives a vanilla life and dreams about kinky adventure. I write BDSM pornography but have no interest in acting out my fantasies in real life. Find my work on and
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3 Responses to Commentary on “Chivalry’s Reward”

  1. Koala says:

    It’s an intriguing little story. Thank God most guys don’t need to have a near death experience to get a naked picture of our girlfriend/ wife, but it did highlight how big a deal it can be. I agree with you that we all must negotiate these limits and expectations, and the better we do it, the better the relationship. What makes erotic stories so exciting is when those limits and expecations are beyond what most of us would even consider.

    Speaking of limits, I briefly got my hopes up that we might get an Ashley Zacharias two-girl scene, but not quite. I can always hope for an extension of the story…

  2. Girl-on-girl is something that I’ve never thought about writing. It’s completely outside my experience, but that’s true of most things that I write and I don’t let that stop me. What is more likely to stop me is not being sure that I can make it different from all the other girl-on-girl stories that have been written. I could continue “Chivalry’s Reward” as you suggest. I’ve done that to stories before, most notably “INR”. Or I could start with a fresh idea. Something else to put on my ever-increasing list of stories that I really ought to write some day.

    • Koala says:

      I’m laughing becuase because if we all were limited to writing about things we had experience with there would be a lot less porn in the world…

      The decision to use a new idea to extend a story or to start a new one over entirely is tricky and very personal to the author. But at the risk of being presumptuous, I would argue that you would bring a unique spin to the f/f genre. You have two women getting ready to do something they don’t really want to do for the sake of their husbands. Extend that out to a girl/ girl scene and I think there are some opportunities for a good story. Most stories either have the women jump at the chance to get in bed with another woman, or are somehow reluctantly pulled into it. The idea of where the women decide to do it on their own, as a reward for their husbands is not something you see much. It seems like it could work as an exploration of masochism – them doing it not because they are really attracted to the each other, but almost as a form of penance.

      Hmm… kind of gets me going just thinking about it, but I don’t know, it may not be your thing. At least it gives me something fun to think about.

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